Chromatography Lab

The Chromatography laboratory contains GC-MSs dedicated to measurements of polyaromatic hydrocarbons, phthalates and nonylphenols, and related compounds; Freon, chlorinated aliphatic compounds; and other related compounds to be measured in head space; and phenolic compounds. A purge and trap connected with a GC-MS measuring gasoline related ethers e.g. MTBE and other volatile compounds, a GC-FID for chlorinated compounds like BTEX and chlorinated phenolic compounds; a  GC-FID for measurement of volatile fatty acid compounds, ATD (with FID/ECD) for collection and analysis of volatile compounds; GC for measurement of metan, ethen and ethan in low concentrations. The Chromatography laboratory also contains two ion chromatographs for the analysis of anions (chloride, bromide, nitrite, nitrate, sulphate, phthalates, and fluoride; an ion-exclusion chromatography used for determination of Volatile fatty acids; and gradient HPLC for analysis of pesticides (phenoxy acids and alike), sugar compounds and ethanol.


Hanne Bitten Rasmussen
Head of Laboratory
DTU Environment
+45 45 25 14 34