Field method and sampling Lab

The Field method and sampling laboratory has equipment for field sampling, logging and analysis as well as sample preparation. Depth specific sampling of soil, air and water can be performed by the GEOprobe rig or with miscellaneous hand-driven techniques from both the unsaturated and the saturated zone. Gas fluxes from soil surfaces can be measured by flux chamber equipment. Equipment for water and sediment sampling in surface water bodies is accessible. Instruments for gamma- and electrical logs in existing wells is available as well as methods for geophysical mapping (electrical resistivity, DC, TEM and MEP). The waste sample preparation unit can provide methods for field or lab application in relation to representative mass reduction (riffle splitting), mixing, particle size reduction (shredder and cutting mill), and large scale drying oven.

Methods for on-line analysis of groundwater for pH, oxygen, resistivity and redox are provided together with equipment for field gas analysis (Portable GC, FID-detector, and IR detector).


Hanne Bitten Rasmussen
Head of Laboratory
DTU Environment
+45 45 25 14 34