Metal and TOC Lab

The Metal and TOC laboratory is divided in a section for sample preparation and a section for analysis.

Preparation of samples:

In the preparation lab you find space for pretreatment of samples as filtration and acid digestion. Further in this area you find balances, pH and conductivity meter, filter systems, rotation box and space available for periodical lab experiments.

Metal and carbon analysis:

The analysis section is equipped with apparatus for metal analysis:

  1. Inductive Coupled Plasma optical emission spectrophotometer– ICP-OES
  2. Flame atomic absorptions spectrophotometer – FAAS
  3. Graphic furnace atomic absorption spectrophotometer  - GAAS

And equipment for measuring non volatile organic carbon (NVOC), and total inorganic carbon (TIC) on liquid samples:

    4.  Wet chemical TOC -analysis


Hanne Bitten Rasmussen
Head of Laboratory
DTU Environment
+45 45 25 14 34