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Microbial Resource Management to Close the Urban Water Cycle

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Welcome to Mermaid website

Mermaid is a European network formed to train promising young researchers to describe and control the microbial communities central to the treatment of residual water and the production and distribution of drinking water. The ambition is to strongly establish the emergent discipline of Microbial Resource Management & Engineering, which we define as managing and engineering open microbial communities to attain specific services for the benefit of society and the environment. Through individual research projects and dedicated courses, the Mermaid fellows will develop a unique set of cross-disciplinary skills that will prepare them to become leaders in research and engineering in the water and environment sectors.

Mermaid is funded by the Marie Curie initiatives of the European Commission. The network was launched September 1st, 2013 and will be active for four years. We are nine partners and seven associated partners spanning seven countries and comprising both private and academic institutions.

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The Mermaid Fellows

Twelve fellows have been recruited early 2014 and are busy preparing themselves to solve tomorrow’s technical and environmental challenges using Microbial Resource Management. They will soon be joined by another fellow (applications are closed).

We will soon look for an Exerienced Researcher (Post-docoral Assocaite) to join the Network.