21 SEP

Colding Award 2018

Every year DTU Environment celebrates the Colding Award with prizes for Course of the Year , Best MSc Thesis  and Best Bachelor Project .  The Colding Award is...

11 SEP

EUR 4.7 million to radical research ideas

Villum Fonden supports 53 new research ideas in their Villum Experiment programme . 18 grants were awarded to DTU researchers.

27 JUN

Deposits on beverage packaging best for the environment

A new analysis from DTU shows that the deposit and return system is the most eco-friendly way of disposing of packaging from beverages not covered by the current deposit...

Waste management Environment and pollution
06 JUN

‘Seeing is believing’

Electron microscope images provide understanding and evidence of a world we cannot see with the naked eye.

Micro and nanotechnology Bacteria and microorganisms
01 JUN

DTU Environment hosts 2nd Conference on Life Cycle Assessment of waste - Programme...

DTU Environment is hosting the 2nd Conference on Life Cycle Assessment of waste from June 18th-22nd. This second iteration of the conference will bring together a wide...

24 MAY

Antimicrobial resistance can be transferred between bacteria

Researchers have shown that bacteria can exchange genes across strains. Hopefully, that knowledge can be used to reduce the spread of antimicrobial resistance.

Bacteria and microorganisms Environment and pollution
13 APR

New PhD course on urban water modelling at DTU Environment

DTU Environment is offering a new PhD course on  Advanced Topics in Urban Water Modelling together with guest lecturers from Aalborg University and several Danish utility...

11 APR

Doctoral defense: start legislating on nanomaterials now!

Associate Professor Steffen Foss Hansen’s doctoral dissertation is a thorough proposal for a legislation on the use of nanomaterials. For it is high time, he believes.

Micro and nanotechnology Nanoparticles

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