05 OCT

Grundfos Prize awarded to the world’s leading researcher within conversion of...

Professor Irini Angelidaki receives the prestigious Grundfos Prize for 2017 for her many years of research into using microorganisms for energy and other products.

Bioenergy Environment and pollution Energy
14 SEP

Winners of Colding Award 2017 and Course of the Year

Every year DTU Environment celebrates the Colding Award with prizes for "Course of the Year", "Best MSc Thesis" and "Best Bachelor Project". The Colding Award is...

14 SEP

International recognition for nanosafety course

The leading scientific journal nature nanotechnology has published an article about a course in nanosafety at DTU.

28 AUG

How does climate change affect groundwater?

The exchange of CO 2 and oxygen between the atmosphere and the groundwater is an important part of the water cycle. But no one knows how climate change affects groundwater...

Environment and pollution
20 JUN

DTU’s teaching receives international recognition

The leading scientific journal Nature Nanotechnology has just published a rare article about nanosafety teaching at DTU. In particular, it is the close interaction between...

Micro and nanotechnology
06 JUN

DTU Environment plays a significant role in new ECHA guidance on environmental...

The European Chemical Agency (ECHA) has published a series of technical guidance . The most substantial guidelines are based on work done by researchers at DTU Environment...

11 MAY

New technology summit focusing on digitization

In September, DTU will host Denmark’s first university-driven technology summit focusing on the digitization of Danish industry. Under the theme of digitization, the summit...

04 MAY

New water treatment method will revolutionize the market

DTU researchers have developed a new method for treating water that will result in significant cost reductions for, for example, pharmaceutical companies, swimming baths...

Environment and pollution
02 MAY

Ny metode til vandrensning vil revolutionere markedet

Forskere på DTU Miljø har udviklet en ny metode til rensning af vand, der vil betyde en kraftig reduktion af udgifterne for eksempelvis medicinalvirksomheder, svømmehaller...

01 MAY

Advanced Course: Modelling of Integrated Urban Drainage-Wastewater Systems

PhD Course organized by DTU Environment, modelEAU, Université Laval, Canada, and Czech Technical University, Faculty of Civil Engineering Course: "12918 Modelling...

24 MAR

General Engineering in very high demand

The General Engineering Bachelor programme, taught in English, is for the second year in a row the most sought after study at DTU.

Biotechnology and biochemistry Electrotechnology Energy Physics Chemistry
17 MAR

BIOCOVER - Reducing greenhouse gas emission from old landfills

Professor Peter Kjeldsen introduces the BIOCOVER technology that is used for reducing the greenhouse gas emissions from old landfills.

10 MAR

Land-air exchanges - an important aspect of climate change

Senior researcher Andreas Ibrom explains why the land atmosphere interactions are important for the climate changes.

03 MAR

Measuring greenhouse gas emissions from environmental facilities

Professor Charlotte Scheutz explains how to measure greenhouse gas emissions from environmental facilities.

03 MAR

Drinking water - Biological treatment in rapid sandfilters

Professor Charlotte Scheutz explains how to measure greenhouse gas emissions from environmental facilities.

28 FEB


Japan-Denmark Workshop on Biomass research March the 8th – 9th 2017 At Technical University of Denmark, 2800 Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark

28 FEB

Tove Larsen Adjunct Professor at DTU Environment

Tove Larsen from Eawag, the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology, is appointed Adjunct Professor at DTU Environment.

27 FEB

Head of department receives EliteForsk award

Professor Thomas Lars Andresen, Head of DTU Nanotech , receives one out of five EliteForsk awards. At the same time, four PhD students from DTU are awarded EliteForsk...

Nanomedicine Health and diseases
24 FEB

Targeted membrane technologies

Associate professor Claus Hélix-Nielsen presents how membranes can be used in water treatment and especially for purifying water.

Water supply
17 FEB

Plants and greenhouse gasses

In this video Senior Researcher Teis Nørgaard Mikkelsen presents new research on plants and greenhouse gasses conducted at DTU Environment.

CO2 separation and CO2 storage
08 FEB

Environmental electrochemistry in next generation

In this video Postdoc Yifeng Zhang presents the ongoing research on microbial electrochemistry at DTU Environment.

20 JAN

Rainwater data to form the basis of architectural sketches

Vandkunsten Architects and researchers from DTU are jointly examining new digital tools that can provide information on rainwater flows—right from the initial sketches...

Environment and pollution Mathematics
14 DEC

Succesful collaboration between research and utility

The magazine DanskVAND features a story about Camilla Tang and her succesful collaboration with HOFOR.

13 DEC

DTU appoints two deans of studies

DTU has appointed Martin Vigild as Senior Vice President, Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Student Affairs, and Philip Binning as Senior Vice President, Dean of Graduate...

08 DEC

How to provide enough energy, water, and food for everyone

We need to think innovatively and collaborate across sectors if global energy, water and food production is to keep up with increasing demand. These are the recommendations...

Energy Food, fish and agriculture Water supply Waste water and water discharge Environment and pollution Production and management
30 NOV

Water in drains and sewers reveals drug abuse in big cities

Wastewater analyses from DTU Environment are being incorporated into a major European project to estimate the extent of drug abuse in the EU.

Chemistry Mathematics Environment and pollution Waste water and water discharge
25 NOV

Double PhD opens doors in China

A Danish/Chinese PhD has helped Claus Davidsen become one of the leading Danish experts in the Chinese water sector.

Environment and pollution Water supply
11 NOV

Peter Bauer-Gottwein new professor in hydrology and water resources

Please join us for the lecture and reception to celebrate the appointment of Peter Bauer-Gottwein as professor within hydrology and water resources. Title of the inaugural...

11 NOV

First dual MSc in environment programme with EPFL

The first student has graduated with a dual master’s degree in the aquatic environment having spent one year at DTU and one year at EPFL.

Environment and pollution
11 OCT

One step closer to restoring nitrogen balance

The discovery of a new, previously unknown microbe opens up a host of opportunities, both in relation to restoring the nitrogen balance in nature—which has been knocked...

Bacteria and microorganisms Biotechnology and biochemistry Water supply Environment and pollution
23 SEP

Winners of Colding Award 2016 and Course of the Year

Every year DTU Environment celebrates the Colding Award with prizes for "Course of the Year", "Best MSc Thesis" and "Best Bachelor Project". The Colding Award...

05 SEP

18 new H. C. Ørsted postdocs

DTU recently welcomed 18 highly talented researchers who have been granted a H.C. Ørsted COFUND postdoc fellowship. The 18 researchers come from all over the world and...

25 AUG

DTU students win driving-against-the-wind competition

WinDTUrbine from DTU won this year’s Racing Aeolus competition , and thus successfully defended last year’s Danish victory. At the same time, it achieved a world record...

18 MAY

EUR 2.7 million for measuring greenhouse gases

The Danish Minister for Higher Education and Science has allocated EUR 2.7 million to set up measuring stations in Denmark and Greenland, which make it possible to better...

Climate change CO2 separation and CO2 storage Ecosystems
16 MAY

Bacteria remove pharmaceutical residue from waste water

Herning Vand (Herning Water​)  is testing a new method that uses bacteria to remove pharmaceutical residue from household waste water.

Environment and pollution Waste water and water discharge
02 MAY

Bacteria remove pharmaceutical residue from waste water

Herning Vand is testing a new method that uses bacteria to remove pharmaceutical residue from household waste water.

Environment and pollution Waste water and water discharge
11 MAR

Clean water on green power

Ingenious software enables operators to move the most energy-consuming processes of the wastewater system to times of the day with plenty of cheap renewable energy. In...

CO2 separation and CO2 storage Computer calculations Data analysis Software and programming IT systems Energy efficiency Energy production
07 MAR

Million-kroner support for the climate and the environment

Innovation Fund Denmark has invested almost DKK 150 million in projects led by DTU. Two themes appear again and again: green transition and the prospect of actual jobs...

Biotechnology and biochemistry Transport and logistics Energy Chemistry Materials Environment and pollution Information technology
29 FEB

Research with industrial focus

She never meant to become a researcher, but the combination of business and university life works well for Julie Dam Larsen, who has embarked on the third (and, according...

Environment and pollution
04 FEB

Naturlige mikroorganismer skal rense drikkevand for pesticider

Vi har gennem de seneste år påvist, at en række pesticider kan nedbrydes af naturlige bakterier i vandværksfiltre. Det er i sig selv meget opmuntrende i forhold til at...

Photo: Mikal Schlosser
16 DEC

New ‘Miljøtek’ to give high school students good ideas

DTU Environment has opened a Miljøtek for high school students, with a view to attracting even more new students to DTU’s environmental study programmes.

Environment and pollution
Photo: Thorkild Amdi Christensen
02 NOV

Celebrating this year’s new PhD graduates

163 PhD graduates had registered for the PhD Reception and were showered with champagne and prices at the red carpet event on Friday, 30 October.  

23 OCT

World Congress emphasizes DTU’s position in water research

DTU is home to Denmark’s largest research and educational environment in the field of water technology. This has been a contributing factor in the decision to allow Denmark...

Climate adaption Waste water and water discharge Water supply Environment and pollution
07 OCT

Need for optimum wastewater treatment plant control

Mathematical models are to show new ways of managing wastewater treatment plants for the benefit of the climate and the environment.

Climate adaption Waste water and water discharge Water supply Mathematical modelling
07 OCT

Protecting cities from extreme rainfall

It is no longer simply a question of designing ‘smart cities’. We need to create ‘smart liveable cities’ that use rainwater to improve quality of life and make city living...

Climate adaption Waste water and water discharge
07 OCT

Water poses challenge to major cities

Too much water, too little water, or contaminated water. Cities around the world are facing major water-related challenges. These challenges are further aggravated by...

Environment and pollution Climate adaption Waste water and water discharge Water supply
07 OCT

Industry must reduce water consumption

The food industry is a major water consumer. Now, a partnership is developing solutions that can help reduce the sector’s consumption of clean drinking water by as much...

Water supply Climate adaption Food production
25 SEP

The winners of Colding Award 2015- Course of the year, Best MSc Thesis and Best...

Every year  DTU Environment celebrates the Colding Award with prizes for "Course of the Year", "Best MSc Thesis" and "Best Bachelor Project". The Colding Award is named...

11 SEP

New knowledge about waste for Siberian professors

Siberian universities learning to use European waste models.

Waste management
28 AUG

New Video about DTU´s teaching: Why is DTU Unique?

DTU Environment have produced a brandnew video about our teaching. Get a Round Tour by Head of Teaching: Philip Binning

13 JUL

From cholera epidemic to export success

In the mid-1800s, Copenhagen suffered from a serious cholera epidemic. This prompted the College of Advanced Technology (now DTU) in 1865 to give lectures on water supply...

Bacteria and microorganisms Viruses Building construction Waste management Waste water and water discharge Water supply
06 JUL

DTU Environment wins The Best poster award at the IWA-Watermatex conference in...

9th IWA Symposium on Systems Analysis and Integrated Assessment 14-‐17June 2015, Gold Coast, Australia

Water supply Waste water and water discharge
01 JUL

DTU Environment student wins Green Challenge 1st prize

DTU Environment students win prizes at this year's Creen Challenge

01 JUL

Graduates Recommend DTU! Hear why in their VideoSelfies!

In 13 New VideoSelfies, international graduates in Environmental Engineering, tell you what is unique about studying at DTU and where they got job afterwards .

08 JUN

ARTEK Event 2016

ARTEK Event 2016 has the title Sanitation in Cold Climate Regions . The conference will focus o n the encreasing challenges in the Arctic region...

Environment and pollution
Photo: Nils Lund
29 MAY

New drone combines helicopter and aircraft capabilities

The prototype of a new hybrid drone has just been unveiled at a conference in Odense, Denmark. The project is headed by DTU Space, and DTU is, among other things, contributing...

Environment and pollution Space research
18 MAY

New smart drone can protect against flooding

The prototype for a small unmanned craft with unique properties is currently being completed. Together with the company Sky-Watch , researchers from DTU Space and...

Earth sciences Climate change Mapping and surveying Environment and pollution
11 FEB

DTU technology to feature in the national budget

Biocover—a new technology developed at DTU—is designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from refuse tips. It has now been included in the Danish national budget, which...

Waste management Climate adaption Air pollution
18 DEC

Keep an eye on the drones

A new centre for unmanned systems—better known as drones—will collaborate with Danish and foreign businesses, authorities and public institutions to develop and apply new...

Space research Robot technology and automation
15 DEC

The new issue of Technologist is out now

This time, we are putting happiness under the microscope. What can science even tell us about happiness? What makes us happy? And can we use technology to measure how happy...

01 DEC

Nine research projects receive DKK 150 million from Innovation Fund Denmark

DTU heads nine out of the 15 research projects that will receive funding from Innovation Fund Denmark .

Energy Environment and pollution Transport and logistics
Photo: Thorkild Christensen.
04 NOV

Celebrating this year’s new PhD graduates

At a red carpet event on Friday, 31 October, 147 PhD graduates were showered with champagne and prices.

22 SEP

Peter Steen Mikkelsen winner of international award

Professor Peter Steen Mikkelsen, Department of Environmental Engineering at DTU (DTU Environment) has been awarded the IWA/IAHR Joint Committee on Urban Drainage (JCUD...

Climate change Water supply Waste water and water discharge

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