PhD Programme

The PhD Programme

The PhD programme is a 3 year programme designed to train researchers at an international level and interplaying with the international research world. The PhD programme is composed of a learning process where the PhD student is trained to perform research under guidance of the advisor. The language used in the department is English.
As a PhD student at DTU Environment you will be a part of the scientific staff and have the same privileges and responsibilities as other employees. The salary is comparable to the salary for research assistants according to Danish employment rules.

Who can apply for a PhD position  
National as well as international candidates may apply for the programme. We are seeking highly qualified candidates with high grades from relevant BSc and MSc programmes and a focused interest in research. If interested in a PhD position please make sure that the PhD position corresponds with your academic profile and qualifications.
As a part of the employment procedure, an interview at DTU Environment with the Department’s Director and the Head of the PhD Programme is compulsory.
See all vacant positions at DTU here.

Contact and further information at DTU  
The DTU website includes further details and information addressed for PhD students and Guest PhD students regarding required documents, deadlines, admission, accommodation, insurance, residence and work permits and names of contact persons.

DTU offers our international guest PhD students assistance with administrative, practical, and cultural issues before and after arrival. This includes the process for work and residence permit/EU residence document.

If you are going to visit DTU Environment for at least 14 days, please use the online guest registration form.

PhD Coordinator

Charlotte Scheutz
DTU Environment
+45 45 25 16 07

Upcoming Generic PhD courses

Ph.d. Sarah Christine Christensen, DTU

Portrait of Sarah Christine Christensen PhD, DTU Environment "Asellus aquaticus and other invertebrates in drinking water distribution systems - occurrence and influence on microbial water quality" Further information: