Medarbejdere: Ph.d.-studerende

Oversigt over ph.d.-studerende på DTU Miljø
Navn Titel Tlf. E-mail Profil
Ehsan Fathi Aghdam Ehsan Fathi AghdamPh.d.-studerende45 25 14
Paola Federica Albizzati Paola Federica AlbizzatiPh.d.-studerende45 25 15
Fynn Jerome Aschmoneit Fynn Jerome AschmoneitPh.d.-studerende45 25 16
Filippo Bandini Filippo BandiniPostdoc45 25 14 52fban@env.dtu.dkPhD in Environmental Monitoring with Unmanned Airborne Vehicles
Susanna Andreasi Bassi Susanna Andreasi BassiPh.d.-studerende45 25 16
Jan-Michael Blum Jan-Michael BlumPh.d.-studerende45 25 14
Andreas Libonati Brock Andreas Libonati BrockPh.d.-studerende45 25 15
Sarah Brudler Sarah BrudlerErhvervs-ph.d.45 25 15
Bastiaan Cockx Bastiaan CockxPh.d.-studerende45 25 14
Zhenhan Duan Zhenhan DuanPh.d.-studerende45 25 14
Marie Kampmann Eriksen Marie Kampmann EriksenPh.d.-studerende45 25 16
Giorgia Faraca Giorgia FaracaPh.d.-studerende45 25 16
Lotte Fjelsted Lotte FjelstedErhvervs-ph.d.45 25 21
Ryle Nørskov Gejl Ryle Nørskov GejlErhvervs-ph.d.45 25 14 32ryln@env.dtu.dkPhD project: Water footprint of utilities In cooperation with HOFOR, VandCenter Syd and Aarhus Vand The project deals with how to assess the utilities impact on the water resource. The asses...
Radoslaw Pawel Górecki Radoslaw Pawel GóreckiErhvervs-ph.d.45 25 15
Rikke Høst Hammershøj Rikke Høst HammershøjPh.d.-studerende45 25 16
Trine Henriksen Trine HenriksenPh.d.-studerende45 25 14
Ditte Marie Reinholdt Jensen Ditte Marie Reinholdt JensenPh.d.-studerende45 25 14
Christian Kjær Jensen Christian Kjær JensenPh.d.-studerende45 25 15
Liguang Jiang Liguang JiangPh.d.-studerende45 25 14 47ljia@env.dtu.dkMy research interests are in the areas of surface hydrology, GIS and remote sensing, with focus on inland water (lakes and rivers) monitoring and modeling with EO data, e.g., satellite altimetry su...
Jonas Kjeld Kirstein Jonas Kjeld KirsteinPh.d.-studerende45 25 14
Cecile Marie Margaretha Kittel Cecile Marie Margaretha KittelPh.d.-studerende45 25 14 47ceki@env.dtu.dkAirborne and satellite remote sensing for hydrologic modeling applications As a PhD student at DTU Environment, my main area of interest is the use of airborne and remote sensing for hydrologic ...
Dongah Ko Dongah KoPh.d.-studerende45 25 21
Adam Kovalovszki Adam KovalovszkiPh.d.-studerende45 25 15
Christian Josef Köppl Christian Josef KöpplPh.d.-studerende45 25 14 47chkop@env.dtu.dkMonitoring rivers and streams with unmanned aerial systems (UAS) for determination of ecological status The PhD research focuses on monitoring rivers and streams with remote sensing techniques f...
Grégory Guillaume Lemaire Grégory Guillaume LemairePh.d.-studerende45 25 16
Sara Maria Lerer Sara Maria LererPh.d.-studerende45 25 14
Xiaohu Li Xiaohu LiPh.d.-studerende45 25 16
Concetta Lodato Concetta LodatoPh.d.-studerende45 25 15
Nadia Schou Vorndran Lund Nadia Schou Vorndran LundPh.d.-studerende45 25 14
Herle Mo Madsen Herle Mo MadsenPh.d.-studerende45 25 14
Grith Martinsen Grith MartinsenPh.d.-studerende45 25 22
Mariú Abritta Moro Mariú Abritta MoroPh.d.-studerende45 25 14
Alexandra Marie Murray Alexandra Marie MurrayPh.d.-studerende45 25 21 74almu@env.dtu.dkMicrobial community evolution models for describing the degradation of chlorinated solvents My PhD project aims to analyze the impact of groundwater microbial communities on organohalide respira...
Nynne Nørup Nynne NørupErhvervs-ph.d.45 25 16
Gordon Tze Hoong Ooi Gordon Tze Hoong OoiPh.d.-studerende45 25 16
Cecilie Bang Ottosen Cecilie Bang OttosenPh.d.-studerende45 25 21 61ceot@env.dtu.dkDocumentation and quantification of natural and enhanced degradation of chlorinated contaminants in the subsurface The overall objective of the PhD project is to expand the understanding of natu...
Rocco Palmitessa Rocco PalmitessaPh.d.-studerende45 25 14
Camiel Parchen Camiel ParchenPh.d.-studerende45 25 16
Raphaël Payet-burin Raphaël Payet-burinErhvervs-ph.d.45 25 21 61rapp@env.dtu.dkDecision makers need tools to plan water infrastructure investments. Investment planning must take into account the complex water-energy-food nexus and consider uncertain future climates, transboun...
Jonas Wied Pedersen Jonas Wied PedersenPh.d.-studerende45 25 14
Maria Peprah Maria PeprahPh.d.-studerende45 25 14
Sinja Rist Sinja RistPh.d.-studerende45 25 14
Louise Rosenberg Louise RosenbergPh.d.-studerende45 25 14 47lour@env.dtu.dkContaminant mass discharge of chlorinated solvents in clay tills: Concepts, quantification and risk assessment The PhD project looks into the contaminant mass discharge (CMD) in clay till, and h...
Vinni Kampman Rønde Vinni Kampman RøndePh.d.-studerende45 25 15 Interdisciplinary tools for identification and quantification of groundwater contamination arising from point sources The PhD study aims to develop and implement new field methods to identi...
Carina Schneider Carina SchneiderPh.d.-studerende45 25 16
Prasit Shrestha Prasit ShresthaErhvervs-ph.d.45 25 21
Emilie Da Silva Emilie Da SilvaPh.d.-studerende45 25 21
Julie Skrydstrup Julie SkrydstrupPh.d.-studerende45 25 14
Aikaterini Spiliotopoulou Aikaterini SpiliotopoulouErhvervs-ph.d.45 25 21
22 JANUAR 2018