Environmental electrochemistry in next generation

onsdag 08 feb 17


Yifeng Zhang
DTU Miljø
45 25 14 10


Irini Angelidaki
DTU Miljø
45 25 14 29

I denne video præsenterer postdoc Yifeng Zhang ny forskning på emnet mikrobiel elektro-kemi, der bliver udført på DTU Miljø.

This presentation gives an overview of the microbial electrochemistry research which has gained increasing attention in the past years as a next generation technology of environmental electrochemistry. The talk was started from the concept of microbial electrochemistry and its difference from traditional environmental electrochemistry technologies. Subsequently, the development, advantages and applications of the technologies were briefly introduced. Furthermore, the research activities of DTU Environment in this research area are highlighted. At the end, research about ammonia recovery and energy production from waste streams is briefly presented as an example of ongoing projects.

Visit the section's site to see the presentation and learn about one of the energy sources of the future.

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