150 Years Jubilee

150 year jubilee: August 27th: 9-17

It is 150 years since August Ludwig Colding gave the first lecture in Environmental Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark (In 1865: Polyteknisk Læreanstalt).

On August 27th 2015 we celebrate this at DTU Environmental Engineering/DTU Miljø by a full day conference and exhibition presenting in several sessions more than 70 lectures and 50 posters.  You are invited to participate and learn what we do today in environmental engineering  - 150 years after the start of field.

The conference will be opened by the Dean of DTU: Dean Martin Bendsøeand and Permanent Secretary: Henrik Studsgaard. L.A. Colding is excused but we will briefly introduce you to the start of the environmental engineering field.  

The morning session CHALLENGES IN ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING aims at giving you a picture of the diversity of environmental engineering today through 10 short topical presentations.

During the buffet lunch you can meet colleagues and study the 50 posters showing specific aspects of our current research. Exhibitions will present our education (BSc, MSc, PhD) and continuing education programs.

The afternoon session UPDATING YOUR KNOWLEDGE offers 9 parallel seminars on specific topics.

We close the day with a cold drink.


Program and Sign up

Take a look at the full program, see what has your interest and Register before August 17th.

The fee

The fee is 150 DKK for the morning session, 150 DKK for the buffet lunch and 150 DKK for attending an afternoon seminar.

We would be thrilled to have you come and celebrate with us.


Thomas H. Christensen
Head of Department



About Ludvig August Colding 

Ludvig August Colding (1815-1888) became the first Chief Engineer in City of Copenhagen and  was in 1864 invited by the Technical University of Denmark (at that time the Polytechnic School) to present a series of lectures on fundamentals related  to recent city developments.

He had in the previous years planned and established water supply based on groundwater, gas lightening, and waste water discharge. During 1865-1883 he gave biannually a series of lectures (4-5 hours weekly) on the principles for heating and ventilation, for discharge of waste water and for supply of drinking water and gas.

In parallel with his engineering achievements he was also a great scientist. He independently formulated the principle of conservation of energy in parallel with Joule and others and determined experimentally the mechanical equivalent of heat.

He described the basic theory for utilising steam power and showed together with Julius Thomsen that the cholera epidemic in Copenhagen was caused by contaminated soil and Water.

He described the laws for movement of bodies in closed and open waters and the different shapes of surfaces in flowing Water.

He described groundwater flow about the same time as Darcy.

He found relations between wind speed and sea water flow and set up and explained in detail a tropical storm as well as flooding of islands in the Baltic Sea. 

Lastly it should be mentioned that Colding was the main driver for establishment of the Danish Meteorological Institute in 1872.