Continuing Education

Continuing education that imparts the latest research


Department of Environmental Engineering offers a range of different qualifying training courses, based on the latest research in the field of environmental science and engineering. The courses are aimed primarily at people who have an technical - or scientific educational background and who either want to update your knowledge or expand their professional skills.

The primary target audience for our continuing education courses are, for example, consulting engineers public administrators and regulators as well as industrial employees. Continuing education courses are also relevant to you, if you are a:

  • Teacher at Higher Education
  • Teacher at high school 
  • Job seeking engineer who wants to develop (new) skills in the environmental field 


Do you have a great idea for a course?

We regularly offer new training courses, and suggestions for specific courses are very welcome. You are welcome to contact Associate Professor Steffen Foss Hansen via

Previous courses include "Risk assessment of chemical substances to water," "Data search for hazardous substances", "Reactive barriers ward" and "chemical compounds behavior in soil and groundwater."

All courses are offered as single courses with self-payment.

If you have questions and any suggestions for other training courses, please contact Associate Professor Steffen Foss Hansen via


Summer courses

Department of Environmental Engineering, are also offering a number of meritorious summer courses that gives you the opportunity to specialize in a variety of environmental areas. All the courses are intensive three week courses. Courses with Danish titles are offered in Danish and courses with English titles are offered in English.

Guest students who are enrolled at another university degree in science may ask their department for prior approval in order to get the courses credit transferred.

Single courses for students and others interested in environmental matters

We also offer courses for visiting students and others with a university degree in science who want to immerse themselves in one or more of the environmental professional areas.

See all courses offered: 



You also have the option of taking a so-called part-time education. You can read more about this option by clicking here.

Course: Life cycle assessment of waste and energy systems

Course Periode: October 26th - 28th 2016, DTU in Lyngby. Read the Flyer for the course here.

Sign up for the course here. Deadline: October 19th 2016.

Click to see Video about the course: Establishment & monitoring of biocover

Course Periode: The course is canceled. Read the flyer for the course here (DK)

Sign up for the course here. Deadline: September 9th 2016

Click to see video about the course: Risk assessment of contaminated sites

Course Periode: 11-13 January 2017, DTU in Lyngby. Read the flyer from previous course here (DK). 

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Responsible for Continuing education

Steffen Foss Hansen
Associate Professor
DTU Environment
+45 45 25 15 93

PhD Course: Applied Reactive Transport Modelling

Course period: 6-10 June 2016
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UK Course: Environmental Risk Assessment of Nanomaterials

Course period: Spring 2017.

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You cannot sign up for the course yet, but we can send you a reminder/email when its time to sign up!
31 MAY 2020