About the Department

Welcome to DTU Environment

In 1865 professor L. A. Colding gave the first lecture at DTU on water management in Copenhagen. This was the beginning of what now is DTU Environment, Department of Environmental Engineering.

The Department's activities in research, teaching and innovation are focused within three interdisciplinary scientific competence sections:

  • Circularity & Environmental Impact
  • Climate & Monitoring
  • Water Technology & Processes

The academic width and the multidisciplinary approach on solving complex environmental problems are reflected in the profile of the scientific staff. DTU Environment employs engineers, chemists, biologists, geologists, and physicists who collaborate with a broad group of Danish and international partners.

DTU Environment has around 175 employees of more than 20 nationalities. The permanent research staff includes 50 professors, associate professors, assistant professors, senior researches, and researchers, 30 postdoctoral researchers and research assistants, and 50 PhD students. The administration has 16 employees, and the laboratory function is manned by 22 technicians.

The department has modern and well-equipped research laboratories, which also are used in many teaching-related activities.

The vast majority of student projects carried out at DTU Environment are based on independent, research-based laboratory and/or field work.

In addition to the laboratory facilities DTU Environment has field facilities and advanced equipment for field work as well as IT facilities for complex modelling tasks.

Head of Department

Claus Hélix-Nielsen
Professor, Head of Department
DTU Sustain
+45 45 25 22 28

Advisory Board

  • Ole Fritz Adeler, Supply Director, HOFOR A/S

  • Yvonne Amskov, Director of Development, Vestforbrænding
  • Helle Vang Andersen, Sr. Vice President, COWI A/S

  • Leif Bentsen, CEO, Krüger A/S
  • Jens Brandt Bering, Sr. Vice President, NIRAS A/S
  • Rikke Festersen, Director, Novozymes
  • Wilbert van de Ven, Product Group Director, Grundfos A/S

Ludvig August Colding, 1815-1888

By Dan Rosbjerg, Professor Emeritus, DTU Environment