07 FEB

Claus Hélix-Nielsen's inauguration reception March 1st 2019

March 1st, at 14, Claus Hélix-Nielsen's inauguration reception is held at DTU Environment.

14 JAN

Thomas H. Christensen end-of-term reception January 25th 2019

Thomas H. Christensen will after 8 years as Head of Department at DTU Environment on February 1 st resume his position as professor in Residual Resource Engineering...

14 JAN

Tidligere ph.d. fra DTU ENV modtager DANVAS initiativpris

Ved DANVAs Nytårstaffel den 10. januar 2019 fik Jan-Michel Blum DANVAs Initiativpris for sit arbejde med kunstig intelligens i vandsektoren. Læs hele artiklen...

21 DEC

Biogas technology to produce future green raw materials

DTU will be contributing to the development of a more profitable way of producing biogas, opening up for the production of biofuels for trucks and planes.

Bioenergy Energy production Energy systems CO2 separation and CO2 storage Environment and pollution
13 DEC

New collaboration addresses marine plastic pollution

DTU is co-operating with four other research institutions to investigate the impact of plastic in the ocean and the need for new legislation

Ecosystems Environmental chemistry Fish and shellfish
10 DEC

New tool ensures sustainable water supply for refugee camps

The Danish Refugee Council and DTU have created a new tool that can be useful when making decisions on sustainable water supply in refugee camps.

Water supply
04 DEC

Research enables the food sector to reuse water

Research from the Technical University of Denmark shows that it is possible to clean chicken feet using 50% less water and that cleaning water can be reused in cooling...

Food, fish and agriculture Food production Food safety
30 NOV

Claus Hélix-Nielsen new head of DTU Environment

DTU’s new head of department has strong competences within innovation and business collaboration.

26 NOV

Start-up invents inexpensive technology for conducting measurements in water

New technology is significantly reducing the cost of measuring temperature, currents and pressure in waters near the coast, for example in fish farms or small harbours...

21 NOV

DTU spinout opfinder billig teknik til måling i vand

Ny teknik nedbringer markant udgifterne til at måle temperatur, strømninger og tryk i vand nær kysten, eksempelvis i havbrug eller i små havne.

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17 FEBRUARY 2019