Huse ved strand. Foto: Colourbox
01 MAR

DTU expert calls for increased focus after IPCC report

In Denmark, the biggest climate threat is flooding due to rising sea levels that will affect many of our coastlines.

Climate adaptation Environment and pollution
16 NOV

Is it sensible to use rainwater to flush the toilet?

As a world first, a new residential district in Aarhus is using secondary water from the local water utility for toilets and washing machines. The solution is supported...

Waste water and water discharge Water supply Climate adaptation
04 NOV

Life cycle assessment of carbon capture

Life cycle assessment of carbon capture at incineration plants shows that despite some drawbacks, the net result is a clear advantage for the climate.

CO2 separation and CO2 storage Climate adaptation Energy production
04 OCT

Colding Award 2021

Every year DTU Environment celebrates the Colding Award with prizes for Course of the Year, Best MSc Thesis and Best Bachelor Project.  The Colding Award is named after...

23 SEP

Functioning of terrestrial ecosystems is governed by three main factors

Ecosystems provide multiple services for humans. However, these services depend on basic ecosystem functions which are shaped by natural conditions like climate and species...

Rensning Soelleroed soe
02 JUL

New method for cleaning lakes shows promising results

A pilot project in Lake Søllerød has very successfully used electrodes to oxygenate lakebed. The method should now be tested in a large demonstration trial.

11 MAY

EliteForsk travel grant to environmental engineer

Young researcher receives EliteForsk travel grant for his groundbreaking work to find new methods for using electric fields to clean up contaminated sites and for the sustainable...

03 MAY

New sensor to improve animal welfare at fish farms

A collaboration between DTU and Danish OxyGuard, a world-leading supplier of fish farm equipment, will develop a new sensor that can monitor the water quality at fish farms...

09 APR

Purifying hospital wastewater in an eco-friendly way

New technology enables removal of multi-resistant bacteria from hospital wastewater before it reaches the treatment plant and can pose a risk to humans and the environment...

10 FEB

Biofilters to reduce climate impact from dairy cows and pigs

Biofilters that break down methane can be an important step towards cost-effective reduction of the climate footprint of Danish dairy cows and pig production.

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