Microbes pave way for green flight
21 JUL

Microbes pave way for green flight

Instead of burning biowaste, we should let microorganisms turn waste into CO2-neutral fuel, chemicals, and proteins.

CO2 separation and CO2 storage Air pollution
The new solution for measuring wastewater developed by the students.
30 JUN

Students develop new method to measure wastewater

A group of DTU students has developed a simple solution to measure how much rainwater flows into sewers from roads and roofs. Now they are getting ready to start a business...

Plastic waste in nature. Photo: Colourbox
17 JUN

Big research project to put a stop to plastic waste

The project is looking into new technological ways of reproducing new high quality plastics from non-recyclable plastic waste.

Environmental chemistry Innovation and product development Waste management
Photo of Lemvig Biogas, copyright Lemvig Biogas
05 MAY

New technology ready for testing at biogas plants

A new biological method using bacteria to increase the proportion of methane in biogas is now ready to be tested at Lemvig Biogas.

Foto Mikal Schlosser
29 JAN

Risks and available actions in a future with more water

Since 2008, Professor Karsten Arnbjerg-Nielsen has been working with extreme rains and flooding in Denmark. He has now compiled his research into a doctoral dissertation...

05 DEC

PhD from DTU Environment wins Young Researchers Award

Dean Philip J. Binning hosted the celebration of 156 new PhD graduates from DTU on Friday, 22 November. During the afternoon, he awarded prizes for the PhD Dissertation...

First look at Sentinel-3 over China's Rivers
15 NOV

First look at Sentinel-3 over China's Rivers

EOForChina researchers have evaluated the potential of Sentinel-3 radar altimetry for monitoring China's rivers in a new study recently published in Remote Sensing of Environment...

Mapping and surveying Climate change
12 NOV

Newly described microbe drives ammonia removal in cleaning of drinking water

A team of researchers from DTU, SDU, and KU has provided conclusive evidence that the recently described enigmatic microbe, called comammox Nitrospira, drives nitrification...

Water supply
Foto Amritanshu Sikdar/Unsplash
23 OCT

Increased digitalization can lead to a more sustainable water sector

Increased digitalization in the water sector and utilization of new technological opportunities are the themes of the first dedicated track about water at the upcoming...

Water supply
23 OCT

Mapping international drug use through wastewater-based epidemiology

Wastewater-based epidemiology is a rapidly developing scientific discipline with the potential for monitoring close to real-time, population-level trends in illicit drug...

Waste water and water discharge
Drone over dansk vandløb: Filippo Bandini and Christian Koeppl
01 OCT

Newly developed Danish technology put to the test in China

A Danish-Chinese collaboration on river monitoring that will enable the issuing of flood warnings and other incident alerts is based on new Danish technology.

Waste water and water discharge
20 SEP

Colding Award 2019

Every year DTU Environment celebrates the Colding Award with prizes for Course of the Year, Best MSc Thesis and Best Bachelor Project. The Colding...

Foto: Schlosser
20 SEP

Tech conference on digitization and green solutions

DTU is hosting the DTU High Tech Summit – the largest university-driven tech conference in the Nordic region, focusing this year on digitization and sustainable...

24 JUL

Report shows large uncertainties in the analysis of model-based calculations of...

A report on "Uncertainty analysis of model-based calculations of wet-weather discharges from point sources" written by Luca Vezzaro and other researchers from DTU Environment...

Foto: Ditte Valente
09 JUL

Roskilde Festival: Students examine food waste

Food waste is a recurring theme at Roskilde Festival. Two teams of DTU students are working to determine the actual extent of the problem.

Waste management
1st prize for Master Thesis at Grøn Dyst 2019
03 JUL

Students from DTU Environment win prizes at Grøn Dyst 2019

On friday June 28th 2019 Grøn Dyst was held at DTU. It was the 8th time the conference for students was launched.

Mingyi Xu
24 MAY

PhD student from DTU Environment won the First Prize of The Otto Moensted Foundation...

On May 22nd 2019, PhD student Mingyi Xu received the first prize of The Otto Moensted Foundation’s Scientific Innovation Award “The Bright Ideas”

EOForChina research presented at ESA's Living Planet Symposium
20 MAY

EOForChina research presented at ESA's Living Planet Symposium

Liguang Jiang presented EOForChina research results at the 2019 Living Planet Symposium in Milan, Italy, May 13-17, 2019

Mapping and surveying Climate change
15 MAY

DTU helping high school students represent Denmark

The winners of the Stockholm Junior Water Prize Special Prize in the Young Scientists competition will be coached by DTU researchers.

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