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Monday 21 Sep 20


Valentina Bisinella
Assistant Professor
DTU Environment
+45 45 25 14 43


Mikkel Nørgaard Schmidt
Associate Professor
DTU Compute
+45 45 25 52 70
“DTU has a large number of truly amazing teachers that we students can be proud of,” said the chairman of DTU’s student association PF at the election of Lecturer of the Year 2020.

“Mikkel is inspiring, bright, pedagogical, and a great communicator. And he always strives to improve his lectures. He manages to spell out the most complex elements of the curriculum so that even the most thick-skulled students can keep up. Mikkel is always in a good mood, and it is clear that he wants the best for his students, and that there is mutual respect.”

This is what a student writes about Mikkel Nørgaard Schmidt from DTU Compute, who, among other things, teaches Bachelor’s courses in machine learning and intelligent systems. Mikkel was elected as one of the Lecturers of the Year at a teaching seminar on 18 September.

The awards were presented by the President of DTU’s student association PF, Søren Sandgaard, who said, among other things:

“The Lecturers of the Year election is an important event for the students. It gives us the opportunity to say thank you to the amazing teachers who make DTU an exciting and interesting place to study.”

The second award winner of the year was Valentina Bisinella from DTU Environment, who was even elected the first year she taught the subject Bioresources in the MSc programme. A student nominated her with the following words:

"I did not know what to expect from the course, but Valentina was the main reason that I ended up really liking it. Apart from being a nice person and starting the lectures asking “how are you?” she kept a good structure and diversity in the different lectures throughout the course – always making sure that the students also had an overview. Valentina was always committed and helpful, she was there for us, to teach us something."

Another wrote in short:

“She’s great at communicating as well as capturing the students’ attention on a dull Friday afternoon.”

Meet the Lecturers of the Year here:

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