Mingyi Xu

PhD student from DTU Environment won the First Prize of The Otto Moensted Foundation’s Scientific Innovation Award

Friday 24 May 19
by Camilla Bitsch


Mingyi Xu
PhD student
DTU Environment
+4545 25 16 01


Yifeng Zhang
Associate Professor
DTU Environment
+4545 25 14 10
On May 22nd 2019, PhD student Mingyi Xu received the first prize of The Otto Moensted Foundation’s Scientific Innovation Award “The Bright Ideas”

The Otto Mønsteds scientific innovation award "The Bright Idea" was awarded for the first time in 2019. PhD student Mingyi Xu was recommended by Associate Professor Yifeng Zhang and submitted their bright idea about microbial electrochemical synthesis of microbial protein in March.

On May 22nd 2019, Mingyi was nominated and awarded for the first prize (200,000 DKK).

The jury commented "the jury was especially impressed by the novel approach of the project and sees a great potential for the technology when it is fully developed".

Mingyi will use the prize to develop their “The Bright Idea” during his PhD study at DTU Environment.

Background information about the award:
The Otto Mønsteds Foundation wants to recognize young researchers and their bright idea. In total DKK 350,000 is awarded to the three best bright ideas with great business potential, and a possibility to contribute to the development of Denmark’s trade and industry.
Otto Mønsteds "The Bright Idea" is a recognition of the research talents who have the right idea and the motivation to take the next step in their development of their research.
The Otto Mønsteds Foundation wants to award funds to three active researchers or research projects with DKK 200,000, DKK 100,000, and DKK 50,000 respectively. The awards will go towards improvement and development of “The Bright Idea”.
The winner of The Bright Idea is presented at MADE´s annual summit on 22nd May 2019 in the House of Industry, where also The Otto Mønsted Foundation´s MADE Award takes place.

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