1st prize for Master Thesis at Grøn Dyst 2019

Students from DTU Environment win prizes at Grøn Dyst 2019

Wednesday 03 Jul 19
by Camilla Bitsch

What is Grøn Dyst

Grøn Dyst (Green Challenge) is an educational initiative at DTU. The aim is to ensure that future engineers integrate aspects of sustainability, climate technology, and the environment in their work.

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On friday June 28th 2019 Grøn Dyst was held at DTU. It was the 8th time the conference for students was launched.

15 students from DTU Environment participated in this year's Grøn Dyst with the overarching theme: UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

1st prize for MSc project was won by Bendik Nordstrøm, with the Master Thesis: "Effect of land use on the water and CO2 exchanges between the land and atmosphere". The jury's motivation for awarding Bendik with the 1st prize was:"Global perspective, Huge potential of ressource savings, strong contribution to SDGs.", "Clearly communicated project with interesting perspective for improving global efficiency in agricultural production." and "Useful and innovative." The 1st prize was accompanied by 30.000 DKR sponsored by Otto Mønsted Fonden.

2nd prize for BSc project was won by Philip Gjedde, with the bachelor project "Carbonate removal for EDR of mine tailings", the project is made at DTU BYG.

3rd prize for BSc project was won by Josefine Sund, with the bachelor project "A Method for Waste Prioritization".


Congratulations to all the participants and the winners!

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14 OCTOBER 2019