Colding Award 2019

Friday 20 Sep 19
by Helene Hviid
Every year DTU Environment celebrates the Colding Award with prizes for Course of the YearBest MSc Thesis and Best Bachelor ProjectThe Colding Award is named after the department's founder Ludvig August Colding (1815-1888).

The teachers at the department nominate the best student projects they've supervised in the course of the year and a comitté then selects the winners. The criterias are the quality of the science and/or engineering, the degree of originality, the technical quality and clarity and the attractiveness of the lay-out and the graphical presentation of results.

The winner of the Colding Award for Best MSc thesis:

Manuela A. Schliemann-Haug
with the thesisModel-based optimization of full-scale anaerobic digesters at a municipal wastewater treatment plant)
Supervisors: Borja Valverde Pérez og Irini Angelidaki (DTU Miljø)

The winners of the Colding Award for Best Bachelor Thesis:

Frederik Lynge Pedersen og Josefine Hededam Sund with the project: A method for waste prioritisation
Vejledere: Alessio Boldrin og Kostyantyn Pivnenko (DTU Miljø)

Course of the year at DTU Environment

The students from the department study board and MiljøRådet decides the winner of Course of the year and the event is meant as a motivating force for all the lecturers, teachers and technicians involved in our courses. The idea is to promote a dynamic development and ongoing improvements of the courses.

The winner of Course of the Year 2018/2019:

12145 Terrestrial Ecology

Course coordinator: Kim Pilegaard
Teachers: Teis Nørgaard Mikkelsen og Andreas Ibrom
Technicians (not pictured): Jens Schaarup Sørensen, Sinh Hy Nguyen and Flemming Møller

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