DTU Environment conducts research within six scientific sections:

  • Air, Land & Water Resources
  • Environmental Fate & Effect of Chemicals
  • Radioecology & Tracer Studies
  • Residual Resource Engineering
  • Urban Water Systems
  • Water Technology

The aim is to develop our understanding of problems related to the environment and to depletion of resources, and to develop technologies and management tools for a sustainable society – in Denmark as well internationally. Research is therefore conducted in applied science as well as in engineering.

DTU Environment publishes annually more than 160 international scientific journal articles, 200 international conference contributions and 50 technical reports. DTU Environment publications are frequently cited in international scientific journals.

DTU Environment obtains research funding from a variety of sources including the Commission of the European Union, the Danish Innovation Foundation, governmental agencies, regions, research foundations, industry, international organisations.

Head of Research

Claus Hélix-Nielsen
Professor, Head of Department
DTU Environment
+45 45 25 22 28
31 OCTOBER 2020