Forskere: Air, Land & Water Resources

Oversigt over medarbejdere i forskningssektionen Air, Land & Water Resources på DTU Miljø
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Veronica Sobejano Paz Veronica Sobejano PazPh.d.-studerende45 25 15
Kim Pilegaard Kim PilegaardProfessor45 25 21 58kipi@env.dtu.dkMy research has been centered around biosphere–atmosphere exchange in terrestrial ecosystems. The first 10 years mainly dealt with spread and deposition of heavy metals from industrial activitie...
Nathalia dos Reis Vechi Nathalia dos Reis
Filippo Bandini Filippo BandiniPostdoc45 25 16 02fban@env.dtu.dkPhD in Environmental Monitoring with Unmanned Airborne Vehicles
Peter Bauer-Gottwein Peter Bauer-GottweinProfessor45 25 21 71pbau@env.dtu.dkMy research field is hydrology and water resources management. Focus areas are hydrogeophysics, remote sensing techniques for hydrological applications and hydroeconomic analysis and modelling. 
Lene Kaas Boeg Lene Kaas BoegSektionsledersekretær45 25 22 89lkbo@env.dtu.dkAdministrativ support til sektionslederne for ALW, EFE og RRE
Antonio Delre Antonio DelrePostdoc45 25 21
Shanshan Deng Shanshan DengGæste Ph.d.-studerende45 25 22
Maklawe Essonanawe Edjabou Maklawe Essonanawe EdjabouPostdoc45 25 15
Monica Garcia Monica GarciaLektor45 25 22 87mgarc@env.dtu.dkMonica Garcia is an Associate Professor in the Department of Environmental Engineering working on Remote Sensing in Ecohydrology. She uses hyperspectral, thermal and multispectral data from satelli...
Gorka Mendiguren Gonzalez Gorka Mendiguren GonzalezPostdoc45 25 16
Andreas Ibrom Andreas IbromLektor45 25 16
Liguang Jiang Liguang JiangPostdoc45 25 22 85ljia@env.dtu.dkMy research interests are in the areas of surface hydrology, GIS and remote sensing, with focus on inland water (lakes and rivers) monitoring and modeling with EO data, e.g., satellite altimetry su...
Hongxiao Jin Hongxiao JinPostdoc45 25 14
Konstantinos Kissas Konstantinos
Cecile Marie Margaretha Kittel Cecile Marie Margaretha KittelPh.d.-studerende45 25 22 85ceki@env.dtu.dkAirborne and satellite remote sensing for hydrologic modeling applications As a PhD student at DTU Environment, my main area of interest is the use of airborne and remote sensing for hydrologic ...
Christian Josef Köppl Christian Josef KöpplPh.d.-studerende45 25 15 72chkop@env.dtu.dkMonitoring rivers and streams with unmanned aerial systems (UAS) for determination of ecological status The PhD research focuses on monitoring rivers and streams with remote sensing techniques f...
Jun Liu Jun LiuPh.d.-studerende45 25 14
Teis Nørgaard Mikkelsen Teis Nørgaard MikkelsenLektor21 33 13 94temi@env.dtu.dkMy research background is plant ecophysiological processes (e.g. photosynthesis and water relations) in response to air pollution and climate change. The effects were studied from highly controll...
Bendik Odland Nordstrøm Bendik Odland NordstrømVidenskabelig assistent45 25 14
Raphaël Payet-burin Raphaël Payet-burinErhvervs-ph.d.45 25 14 14rapp@env.dtu.dkDecision makers need tools to plan water infrastructure investments. Investment planning must take into account the complex water-energy-food nexus and consider uncertain future climates, transboun...
Dan Rosbjerg Dan RosbjergProfessor Emeritus61 50 60 19daro@env.dtu.dkProfessor emeritus i hydrologi og vandressourcer ved Institut for Vand og Miljøteknologi, DTU. Blev civilingeniør (B) i 1969, ph.d. i hydrologi i 1973 og tildeltes i 1993 den tekniske doktorgra...
Charlotte Scheutz Charlotte ScheutzProfessor45 25 16
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