Webinar: Circular economy and life cycle assessment (LCA)

Webinar: Circular economy and life cycle assessment (LCA)

 - How can LCA support us in the transition and what is important here?

As an important part of the circular economy, we need to increase recycling and improve utilisation of the resources in our waste. Life cycle assessment (LCA) can help us understand which resources we should prioritise over others, how we best recover and recycle these resources, where in the value-chain the environmental burdens occur, and how important the material quality is for recycling. In order to implement the right waste solutions in society and to harvest the potential climate and environmental benefits from waste recycling, we need to make systematic analysis of the proposed solutions. As an LCA modelling tool, EASETECH offers an internationally leading platform for these analyses. This webinar provides an introduction to LCA modelling of waste systems combined with examples from EASETECH.

2nd  of December 2020, from 15.00-16.30


15.00-15.10 Welcome and introduction
Trine Henriksen, Postdoc
15.10-15.25 Life cycle thinking and circular economy
Thomas F. Astrup, Professor
How should we address circular economy and green transition in society from a life cycle assessment perspective? We need to understand resource flows, waste material quality, emissions, etc. and place this in the context of concrete technology solutions. This presentation provides an overview of the challenge.
15.25-15.35 Questions and discussion
15.35-15.50 Material quality in the circular economy
Marie Kampmann Eriksen, Postdoc
The material quality is crucial for the closing of material loops. How do we include the quality of recycled materials in LCA studies, how does this affect LCA results and which implications do we see for the transition towards circular economy? This is explained with plastic waste as an example.
15.50-16.00 Questions and discussion
16.00-16.15 LCA modelling of circular economy in practise
Anders Damgaard, Senior Researcher
Accounting for material quality, recyclability and the composition of waste materials in the circular economy require the right LCA models. This presentation introduces EASETECH, and based on plastic illustrates the importance of appropriate modelling for a real transition towards circular economy.
16.15-16.25 Questions and discussion


Summary and closure

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ons 02 dec 20
15:00 - 16:30


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