Advanced Course: Modelling of Integrated Urban Drainage-Wastewater Systems

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Luca Vezzaro
DTU Miljø
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PhD Course organized by DTU Environment, modelEAU, Université Laval, Canada, and Czech Technical University, Faculty of Civil Engineering
Course: "12918 Modelling of Integrated Urban Drainage-Wastewater Systems"

When: Wednesday 6th – Saturday 9th September 2017.

Where: The course is hosted by CTU Faculty of Civil Engineering and it is organized in conjunction with the the 14th IWA/IAHR International Conference on Urban Drainage (

The course will be held at the CTU campus in Prague, Czech Republic.

About the course:
The course is targeted at practitioners, PhD students, and researchers modelling the elements of integrated Urban Drainage-Wastewater systems (drainage network, wastewater treatment plants, receiving water bodies)

The course is organized in collaboration with modelEAU – Université Laval (Canada) and CTU Faculty of Civil Engineering (Czech Republic). Technical support for the WEST software is provided by DHI.

Content of course:
The course consists of an overview of state-of-the-art tools for integrated modelling of urban drainage and wastewater systems, simulation exercises based on the WEST® software, and examples of application of integrated approaches for improving the environmental status of natural water bodies, e.g. eutrophication and oxygen depletion.

The course work load corresponds to 2.5 ECTS credit points (70 hours). A detailed course plan, course material and access to a simulation server will be provided prior to the course. Participants are expected to spend 24 hours prior to the course start (reading, running tutorials), 30 hours during the course (lectures, computer exercises, discussions), and 16 hours after the course (written report to be handed in two weeks after the course ends). The course evaluation is based on the written report (assignment) and active participation during the course.

Deadline for registration:
Sunday 15th July – by e-mail to Dr. Luca Vezzaro (

Course fee and registration:
PhD students from EU/EEA – 60 EUR. PhD students from outside EU/EEA – 120 EUR

Professionals from industry and university staff – 600 EUR

Accommodation options are available through the ICUD website

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