Photo: Sara Lerer

DTU Environment at Danish Science Festival

torsdag 02 maj 19
af Camilla Bitsch


Luca Vezzaro
DTU Miljø
45 25 15 79


Sara Maria Lerer
DTU Miljø
45 25 14 39
Also this year DTU Environment’s researchers have been participating in the Danish Science Festival.

The results of the research carried out at the department have been presented to a wide audience, ranging from school pupils to associations of common citizens. The main focus of this year has been on Urban Water Systems, with postdoc Sara Maria Lerer and Associate Professor Luca Vezzaro explaining how the research from DTU Environment has contributed to a smarter and more sustainable management of urban drainage infrastructure in our cities.

“I ended up drinking tea and talking about sewers until late in the evening with people who were very interested in our work“ says Luca Vezzaro on his experience “it is fantastic to feel how our work to make a better water environment is appreciated by society.  DTU Environment aims at disseminating as much as possible of its knowledge on new environmentally friendly & sustainable technologies to society, and the Danish Science Festival  is a perfect opportunity for this”.

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